Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013

Hello Friends...
Happy New year to you!
This past year is waving goodbye and I am not sure if I am ready to let go.
This year brought us some hard times,
but sure brought us many Blessings as well.
Nate had to be away a little while for work, but was brought home safely to us
and for that I am grateful.
This year taught us a lot about patience, about love, about loss.
It taught us how to be strong, how to love better.
We are forever learning...that is a good thing.
We celebrated, We mourned, We grew.
We said many pets, to sweet, dear neighbors, to precious loved ones.
Cameron became a teenager,
 struggled with bullies and triumphed over difficult circumstances,
 Ethan started high school, taught himself how to play the drums,
Madi broke out of her shell, and found a passion in
I got the privilege of being a stay at home mom since June
and while I have been looking for work,
 I have treasured every minute that I have been able
to be with my 3 wishes.
God has a plan for us...
We are only to be obedient and wait on His timing.
I tried some new things this year and
feel ready now to let some old things go.
I want to accomplish some good things with this little blog of mine,
I want to be more intentional in my writing.
I want it to touch others, to mean something,
to grow, to matter.
Thank you to all of my readers,
You have blessed me more than you know. 
I don't know what is in store for my little family,
but we are ready.
My prayer for the new year is that
my children continue to grow in Christ
and give more than they take,
That I am obedient to what the Lord
would have me do,
and that we are able to be with family more.
I pray each of you have a safe and Happy New Year
and that God blesses and keeps you.
Would love to hear from you,
please share your dreams, goals and wishes for the new year!

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