Sunday, November 18, 2012

When you can't fix it

A lot of living has been going on over here...
hence the lack of posts in recent days.
Many comings and goings and
out and abouts.
We have had play rehearsals and opening day,
wrestling practices, trap team meetings and
last soccer games of the season.
We have had homework, job searching,
Thanksgiving planning
and loving on Grandma who is here visiting.
With all that living,
there are things happening that
I can't fix,
things that I have no control over,
that is not always easy for a mama.
We have had "missing our Nathan",
 growing up and first heartbreaks..
While Nathan has been away, I have been strong,
haven't always wanted to be,
but managed to put on a brave
face most days and forge ahead for our little family.
When I put my mind to something, I can usually
accomplish most things.
There are some things,however, I can't fix.
Like a broken heart, or
unkindness from others that
my children have to see in the world.
That, I have no control of.
I can't "fix" peoples feelings,
or lack of.
That is hard to swallow but the truth.
My children will know heartbreak,
they have faced bullies,
they have seen how unkind some can be.
I am grateful that they have also seen much love
in their short lives.
They have witnessed lovliness too,
great compassion,  forgiveness and true friendship.
While they learn how to cope with all the feelings that are
stirring about in them,
I pray that they keep the faith
that people are good, full of hope and
sometimes are going through more then the eye can see.
I pray that they don't harden their hearts...
that they allow light and love in
It is hard to watch your children face
things that leave them shaken...
I know in my head that these are life's lessons
that they must learn,
and that in the end they will be ok.
however, right at this moment
Loving them and
being there to listen and offer a shoulder is all I can do,
along with reminding my children that
God and His love are the foundation for which we stand upon,
and that is as solid as can be.
That with God's love we can heal, grow and be comforted.
To say...
 "be brave and live your life with an open heart
and don't be afraid to truly live".

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