Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You're invited...to check out Paperless Post

I have always loved planning my children's birthday parties. 
As they have gotten older that has not changed.

However, invitations have.
 sending your teen with invites to school is a thing of the past. 
Online invites is the way to go.
 It's easy, fun and you know the invitation will get to where it needs to go.
Most all teens are online anyway,
their invitation can be a click away.

Paperless Post 
makes it a breeze to have their invites seen.
 Gone are the days of wondering if your kid remembered to pass out his or her invitations.
I love Paperless Post because it takes the hassle out of inviting guests to your party.
 They have invitations for virtually any occasion you could possibly dream of. 

Check out all their amazing Birthday cards here

Our daughter M's Sweet 16th is a few months away, and a month later our middle turns 18. 
I am already playing around with Paperless Post online to set the tone of their parties. 
We are also planning some backyard parties while Ethan is home from college this summer.
Paperless post can be as fancy or casual as you would like.

If you are like me, getting cards in the mail is such a treat,
I love a good hand written note.
Paperless Post does paper designs that are beautiful and timeless
as well as their online cards.

I love all their thank you notes  too.
They have cards for virtually every occasion you could think of.
Hop over and check them out.

This is a sponsored post.

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