Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

2016 was quite a year for us. 
It brought a lot of change, it brought happy times and many tears. .
we celebrated our oldest son, Ethan as he graduated 
from Branson High School
was accepted to UCM to study acting.
I have seen him grow, change and become a man this year. 
Cameron started body building and we have seen him blossom.
He will be doing some modeling in the year ahead for a local magazine. 
Madison began her Sophomore year and fell in love with game of golf. 
 She tried out and made the Branson High varsity golf team. 
brought a new business for Nate,
One built from an idea, hard work and with friends blessings.
brought the promise of a palliative care team
at Cox in Branson 
that I may possibly once again have the privilege
to hold  hands with the dying, and the grieving 
and somehow make a difference, (my heart was made for this).
brought a cancer diagnosis to Nates Mom (my Mom)
serious illness to my youngest sister.
These things have been difficult, painful and 
have brought many tears...
They have also brought Faith, Hope and Strength
like I have never witnessed.
You have been a rough one in many ways
you have also opened my eyes to beauty 
the power of Prayer, of Love, of Faith.
you leave us with fond memories of silly times, 
laughter, dreams and goals yet to accomplish. 
You gave us 
good friendships, the notion that change is good, 
a strong sense of adventure and more love.
I leave you with this 2016...
You made me stronger. You made me love more, 
You made me understand the power of slowing down 
to just be.
you made me bitter at times, angry and even afraid,
I cursed you, even hated you once in a while 
I leave you with this
you didn't break me, 
you challenged me. You taught me.
You made me stronger. 
So goodbye 2016...
I Look forward to 
with open arms and an open heart
To face what's next.
To love more, do more, dream more, be more. Help more.
Happy New Year
May Gods love light your path. 

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alicia said...

Beautiful blog today sissy. I have missed them!!!!


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