Sunday, September 4, 2016


This word,
has been with me a lot lately. 
More than just the word really,  the entire meaning.

Perspective: a particular attitude toward or 
way of regarding something; a point of view.

 When we have things happen around us or to us, 
We react or respond from our own point of view, from where we are.
It is easy looking on the outside to judge how you would respond
or feel, or what you would do in the same experience...
 you're not in the same experience as that person and it's not you. 
I see so many judgmental comments on social media, and it has me thinking...
Can we ever really see other people's perspective? 
I mean we can empathize and sympathize,
but even if we were in the same situation,
 we may react or respond in a completely different way.
My Mom is battling breast cancer, my little cousin just had a heart transplant,
and my oldest has moved away to college.  
These are big things going on in my life right now;
 someone has just lost somebody they love,
 and one of my friends son has left for the military.
Those are hard things to be facing. 
Does that make what I am going through
It's perspective.
It is their perspective, it is my perspective.

We judge others hurts...
Someone has a bad day and we say 
"it could always be worse";
and maybe that is true,
To that person maybe that bad day is bad enough.
Can't we just be there for each other? 
No judgement, No questions,
just be there.

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