Thursday, April 25, 2013

a new life

Working in a hospital, I see tragedy, so much 
sadness and of course at times, death.
I am always happiest when I get called to the Maternity unit,
because aside from helping out new Mommy's
I sometimes get
 to hold the newborn babies.
It is heaven.
besides my blessings, they are a reminder that 
life is sweet, it is precious
like Robert Frost said
"it goes on"
In the wake of all the tragedy that has happened in our world 
 as of late...
a new little one was being born in our family.
One, we didn't plan on, but adore just the same.
Our Roxy had a kitten, all alone,
very quietly and quickly
very secretly.
We were in love at first sight. 
This little one slept in my daughters closet
before being found the next morning,
when we heard his faint cries for his momma.
We named him Hercules
since he showed such strength.
My daughter and hubby have given him a middle name
of Twinkie...
Well, you see why.
I would like to introduce

He looks just like his momma

He is trusting and loves to cuddle

He opened his eyes at one week old.

a reminder of sweetness, of goodness and of quiet strength.
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Jaime said...

He is so sweet! I love this post! Plus, I have never seen a cat that has just had one kitten.


jenshank said...

So precious what a little unexpected blessing!

Sally said...

Not much cuter than baby animals!! Love!!

alicia said...

Wish I could have been there for that. How wonderful!!!!!

TeaLovingShamrock said...

So cute! <3


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