Thursday, July 26, 2012

just be

It is amazing the way God will show you exactly what
 He is wanting you to learn,
if you will just be... 
He puts people in your life to teach you, guide you
and make you a better person.
I am learning a lot about kindness, generosity and patience lately.
 I am also learning that God's timing is perfect
 even though at times I don't see it that way.
This job hunting is teaching me about humility.  It isn't always
easy putting yourself out there,
 worth it?  Yes!  Easy?  No!
So I am learning a lot these days
and soaking up every minute that I get to share with my 3 wishes.
School is starting in three short weeks here and
we will all be so busy with sports  
for three and play rehearsal for E and Madi.
Life can change so quickly and sometimes for the better and at other times
 I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.
I don't like feeling that way.
So for now, I will just soak up
the time that is left and enjoy each second because it truly is a gift!
I took Fran, (our neighbor) dinner last night and it was so sweet to catch up.
She informed me that while we were gone to Ohio, she and her
daughters decided it was time for her to move closer
to them. So I am losing my dear Fran.
She is sad, I can tell, but believes that it is time to make some
adjustments. We will miss her so very much!
She is a spunky gal for being 90.
My children love her. I love her.
I know that things can't stay the same forever, I know that with change comes
growth and new possibilities. Sometimes that does not
make it easier to deal with however.
So my week has been full of unpacking, cleaning, catching up on laundry and
shuffling kids to where they need to go.
Summer will end far to quickly for my liking


alicia said...

So sorry ur losing fran. I know how much she means to all of u. U know I hate change more then anyone but I'm getting used to it. Love u.

Janine @ 3 Wishes said...

I Loving reading your blogg, I feel like I'm catching up. Love Mom

jenshank said...

So sorry to hear Fran is moving although I know it will be nice for her family! Love you sis and yes summer is passing by so quickly

Tiffanie A said...

Hey! I nominated you for a bloggy award!

Adriana Morales said...

I love your blog! Follow me back if you like



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