Monday, July 23, 2012

tearful goodbyes, thank you's and a sweet project

We left Ohio on Sunday and it is always difficult to say goodbye!
 I hate goodbyes, don't you?
 I am however extremely grateful to my Mom and Dad
 who made this trip possible for us this year.
My gratitude can not be measured!
I have been going to Ohio every year since we moved away.
This year, with the economy and the loss of my job,
I wasn't sure if me and my wishes could make the trip.
Mom and Dad (yes, I call my in-laws Mom and Dad)
did not hesitate, off they were in their car to come
 and whisk us away!
From day one this lovely family has made me feel like
 I belong and there are no
words to express how big of a blessing it has been
 for me to be a part of this family.
 They sure do know
how to make a girl feel loved.
It is especially sweet because my family is so far away in Arizona!

The other day I spoke about watching Joel Osteen with my Mom,
 we decided to do a project that he spoke about,
 with the kiddos before I leave.
I had done a project like this in my 5th grade class and
 mom and I decided it would be so
special for the cousins to do it for each other.
We had  each of them write one thing about each other that they really liked,
to be encouraging to each other on paper.

This way it would be something that they would always treasure.
 We joined in the memory making also
 and wrote sweet notes to each of them as well.
They couldn't wait to read what everyone wrote to them.
They were each so touched and it was such a tender moment.
 One that I don't think they will soon forget. 
It is in these moments that make my heart smile and
 I remember what life is really all about.
They made each other smile, they spoke from their hearts
and it was lovely.
They sure know how to make each other feel loved!!


jenshank said...

We are blessed to have you in our lives sis love and miss you terribly

alicia said...

1 thing I love about the kids:
Cameron: he is so loving.
Madi: her spirit
Ethan: his athletic ability.
Of course I love so many things about each of them!!!!
Janine: the fact I got u as my sister.
I love u all!!!!!!!!!!!


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