Sunday, May 25, 2014


I need your help 2014.
I need you to slow down. 
I need you to be kind.
I would like you to be sweet to my children
so they will look back on this year
with happy hearts.

I welcome you to bring us new opportunities.
I want to learn new things this year,
I want to push myself and reach goals,
even the ones that my brain tells me are unattainable.
I want to be brave.
I want to serve more.
I want my children to drink you up and
really taste every minute, to revel in the moments.
 To  let their hearts be full
learn from mistakes that might not be made
if they play it safe.
To help us take chances
to let their HOPE soar.

As we near summer break
I pray over them with a reverent heart,
For grace, for mercy.
I think about my 16 year old driver,
my football player
my girl who wants to do it all...

Let them be little,
Let them have fun,
Let them help others,
Let them be brave,
Let them be safe.
Let them remember to enjoy each second.

The Reason

Our Easter looked much different this year.
As our children grow,
 our holidays are celebrated a little differently.
It isn't necessarily good or bad, just different.
This year,
it was less about baskets and egg hunts
and more about Jesus.
I mean our children have always known
the meaning of Easter
This year it was really the focus of our day.
Where getting dressed up for photos and church,
then home for egg hunts and basket digging
was once  the order of our day,
Sugar highs prevailed,
This year we cherished just being together,
discussing what we heard in service,
Turned our eyes to Him.
Our day started with a service that
was both meaningful and uplifting.
Focusing on
what God did for us,
that our Saviour lives
and we are forgiven.
Isn't that the most beautiful gift we could ever receive?!

I had meant to post this but time got away from me.
I do hope your Easter was lovely.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A goodye too soon

She was frail and possibly one of the loveliest 90 year old ladies I have ever seen.
She was pleasantly confused and oh so sweet. 
We talked about where she lived,
she asked if her husband was still living. 
I told her she was beautiful, I meant it! 
I don't know if she believed me.
She couldn't see well. 
She wanted chocolate boost to drink.
I wasn't ready for our visit to end. 
I held the straw of the little chocolate drink to her lips. 
The  look on her face was similar to the look you see when 
a child is eating their favorite ice cream.
I won't forget that.
 Her small hand on mine as she continued to sip, 
enjoy such a simple pleasure. 
She didn't talk of Jesus that day,
she didn't say she knew she would be going home soon.
We were just two gals having a visit over chocolate boost,
And I didn't want to leave.
There was a peace about this sweet lady...
I wanted to hear stories of her youth,
But she had questions for me and that was more pressing. 
She wanted to know if it was sunny outside,
She wondered what month it was,
What day it was. 
It was Friday, May 9.
She died on that Sunday, Mother's Day.
On Monday when I returned to work,
I heard that
On Saturday she spoke to her nurse about going to meet Jesus soon.
She spoke of angels being all around her. 
She said she was ready. 
She was at peace.
I don't know if I touched her heart, 
I don't know if  she would remember my name?
I do know that kindness is never wasted,
That this lovely, little  90 year old  woman
Sure touched my heart,
And will stay with me for a long time.
It is in these daily interactions where we see 
Where, if we choose to see the tiniest of details, 
We can be forever changed, moved, softened.
I know you are home, 
I know you have peace.
It was so good to meet you while you were here,
Even for such a brief moment in time.
A goodbye said too soon,
But a memory
of a sweet, heart
will remain with me. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Today is the day we honor those special ones that lift us when we fall.
The ones that cheer so loud from the sidelines 
that no matter what kind of headgear or helmet you are wearing...
you can hear those cheers over any other. 
It is the day that we say thank you for all the love and sacrifices they have made. 
On this day we miss our Mom's even a little bit more (if that is possible)
 wish they were close.
From the time I had my first,  I have felt like every day is Mother's Day 
because of the love I feel from my 3.
They lift me up and make me want to be better each day.
There is no greater bond, no greater feeling
No greater love.
Thank you 
Ethan, Cameron and Madison
For making me a Mom,
For showing me what true love is all about.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

My first

You were my first,
You were the first to speak that magical word...mama.
We have celebrated a lot of firsts with you,
So many milestones,
So many days you have made even better
By being a part of our family. 

It is hard to believe that 16 years have gone by,
yet watching you grow has been nothing short of amazing.
You are a one of a kind individual,
and that Son, is a delight.
You are a lot like me,
but even more like your dad,
easy going, smart, fun loving, adventurous,
and a prankster for sure.
 You have the biggest heart
and like your dad, you are a Friend to all you meet.
When I think of the man that you have become,
I have no words for how very proud of you I am,
how proud we all are of you.
With this special birthday comes much
We trust that you do not take that lightly but that
you continue to conduct yourself
as an example of God's light
and shine brightly so that others may know
of His goodness through you.
My hope for you Ethan is  
that you remain to be positive and curious.
That you seize every opportunity and look each
new day in the eye with a fierce appetite, an open mind and
a loving spirit.
That you look forward to all your "firsts"
Remember the book I read to you as a child,
"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living,
My baby You'll be".
This is so true...because no matter how old you get,
you will always be my baby, my first.
I love you Ethan
Happy 16th Birthday.


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