Saturday, March 29, 2014

My first

You were my first,
You were the first to speak that magical word...mama.
We have celebrated a lot of firsts with you,
So many milestones,
So many days you have made even better
By being a part of our family. 

It is hard to believe that 16 years have gone by,
yet watching you grow has been nothing short of amazing.
You are a one of a kind individual,
and that Son, is a delight.
You are a lot like me,
but even more like your dad,
easy going, smart, fun loving, adventurous,
and a prankster for sure.
 You have the biggest heart
and like your dad, you are a Friend to all you meet.
When I think of the man that you have become,
I have no words for how very proud of you I am,
how proud we all are of you.
With this special birthday comes much
We trust that you do not take that lightly but that
you continue to conduct yourself
as an example of God's light
and shine brightly so that others may know
of His goodness through you.
My hope for you Ethan is  
that you remain to be positive and curious.
That you seize every opportunity and look each
new day in the eye with a fierce appetite, an open mind and
a loving spirit.
That you look forward to all your "firsts"
Remember the book I read to you as a child,
"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living,
My baby You'll be".
This is so true...because no matter how old you get,
you will always be my baby, my first.
I love you Ethan
Happy 16th Birthday.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine heart DIY

This Valentines, I have been inspired by so many
great ideas on Pinterest.
I had recently snapped some photos of a friend 
for Valentines day and
in her photos I used a heart
that I had cut out from some poster board.
Using the heart that I had already cut out,
I thought about some things I had seen on 
Pinterest and decided to throw together a vintage version.
I took old coffee filters I already had and started 
crumpling them up then hot gluing them to the 
poster board. Easy Peasy.
I was short about three filters, so I just took some white
tissue paper and crumpled that and stuck it on.
I am all about being crafty but I don't have a lot
of free time to spare so I do things on the fly.
Then I decided I wanted to tea stain it.
I made some tea and then put that in a spray bottle,
went outside and sprayed a light coat and then let the sun bake it.
I did that a few items to get it the color I wanted. 
That's it.
I had all the items at home already and it took 
no time at all to complete.
I hot glued some yarn to the back to I could
hang it up.
I made some tea and then put that in a spray bottle,
went outside and sprayed a light coat and then let the sun bake it.
I did that a few items to get it the color I wanted. 
That's it.
I had all the items at home already and it took 
no time at all to complete.
I hot glued some yarn to the back to I could
hang it up.
I think it is just the sweetest. I had made some paper bunting
and just draped that over it and there you go.
 There are some amazingly creative bloggers
out there offering free Valentine printable's on Pinterest.
You can check out some ideas on my Instagram
 Have a great Monday.
Would love for you to share what you are doing for Valentines day.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


You were good to us 2013.
You also gave us moments of doubt.
We built things this year. We let go of things too.
Some of my little fam started new things,
exciting things, difficult things.
you dealt us some hard knocks  2013, 
with grace and love
we stood again.

I had a push/pull relationship with you.
I was resistant to some of your lessons,
but had to learn them all the same.
You taught us about pride this year
and how to be humble.
Thank you 2013 for friends who remain...
even when long periods of time separate our time together.
We are richly blessed with each of them.
We were blessed with new friends too.
You gave us some surprises.
You brought new talents.
you brought some tears, you brought more laughter
and a ton more love.
 Each new day 
brought a new sunrise 
a new sunset...
and some of those were more glorious than others
it just made us all the more appreciatve.
We witnessed miracles, we felt heartache.
We felt loved, at times we felt alone.
We are grateful for your lessons.

You brought a sister from miles away
to visit
as a special gift.
You made being apart from family even harder to bear.

as we say goodbye to you...
we look ahead with brave hearts
open minds
ready for a new day
hopeful to be sweetly surprised
and ever ready to
be begin new experiences.

We say goodbye with thankful hearts
for the lessons learned
and for the
ones yet to come.

Thank you 2013 for helping us grow.
For the love, for change, for the blessings.
 As I say goodbye, there is a sense of peace in my heart.
to begin a new,
and to only look back with fond memories
of a year
that I leave behind.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

love note to 3

You are never far from my mind...ever.\
In everything I do, I think of you. \
I know you are watching me, \
taking notes in 
your minds.\
Some of what you see, you will discard and say that 
you will never do things the way I did. \
Other things you will tuck away...
and hopefully hold on to forever.\

I was reading a book entitled
"What Kids Wish Parents Knew About Parenting"
by Joe White\
Lovely book. \
It fed me today.\
I loved this...
"What is your child like?
Who is He?
He is not as he sees himself.
He is not as you see him either.
Your child is as he sees himself in your eyes."
I pray, I pray constantly...\
I pray that when you look in my eyes you see the immense love 
that I feel for you. \
That I see in you goodness and light.\
I will not do everything right, I will not do everything
But every decision, every word, every hope,
is filled with love, with respect, with grace.\
In you I have found what it truly means to be alive.\
To be full, to have chaos and peace.\
GOD blessed me the day I had each of you,
He blessed me big.\
Navigating your way through your teens
is an extraordinary feat.\
Which roads to take, 
which friends to make.\
Know that 
 God has chosen US to be a family.\
He has placed you in our care, and for that we are blessed.\
I will always have your back, always.\
He guides us and will protect us.\
As I read through Ephesians today I am once again
reminded that God has us,
to not worry, to be brave.\
So, I say to you
my beloved 3...
do not worry+
be brave +
give more +
love more +
and tuck a little piece of me away today
so that you might remember always
my love for you,
see yourself
the way I see you.\
amazing+delightful+children of God+
My prayer for you today my 3 loves...
And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts
as you trust in Him. 
May your roots go down deep into the soil
of God's marvelous love.
 And may you have the power to understand,
 as all God's people should,
how wide, how long, how high,
and how deep his love really is. 
Ephesians 3:17-18

With a love that is wide, long,
 deep and high,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review of Kidecals labels

I was so excited when Kidecals,
(you can find them Here)
contacted me and
wanted me to review their products.
I had not heard of the company before but,
I am already impressed.

Their website is very user friendly
and their products are
the sweetest.
Personalized gifts are so thoughtful and
Kidecals has you covered.

I decided to order some address labels
since I knew I would be sending out
my Christmas cards soon.
My labels were at my door within days.

I dig that they are round,
it adds a touch of whimsy.
I love them.
Kidecals would make a great
stocking stuffer also.
They have really cool stickers for all
the littles on your list.
This would be a wonderful gift for
college bound kids as well.
I loved the computer keycals also, a fun way for
teens to decorate their laptops.

They are machine washable and kid friendly,
perfect if you are sending your children to camp
and want to label their belongings.

You can order labels for just about anything.
The chalkboard labels are adorable.
Can you imagine these on
your mason jars?

For my readers,
Kidecals is offering
a discount code for you to use on your order.

Just put in kidecals15
where it asks for a discount code,
and Kidecals will give you a 15% discount on your order.
Go visit today.

The views expressed here are my own.


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