Friday, January 11, 2019

New Year 2019

Happy New Year
Last year brought ups and downs.
It brought scary things, sad things and happy things.
It brought a new job and big fears.

I took a leap that I could do this,
That I could help heal a hurting team.
I have faith that things will be good.
Being new at something means
Not always getting it right the first time.
Here’s to the brave ones that sail into uncharted waters
That give it their all and see the best in others.
Being brave enough to say “I don’t know”

Even when it’s scary.
Even when you don’t know all the answers.
Be brave enough to admit when you are wrong,
When you make a mistake.
Be brave enough to be vulnerable,
To put your heart out there.
Humility is a good thing, I’m ready to learn.
Being brave...
It definetly isn’t easy
It’s something I’m working on.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Don't Give up...

If you go to Instagram
and search #dgushirt
you will find God's spirit coming from the 
stories and words being
spoken by some amazing women.
They offer truth, and an insight into their worlds.
The posts are from 2013 but are relevant today,

When we get on Facebook or Instagram
it is so easy to believe
that others lives
are so much better then our own.
What we post is just a portion of who we are
or what is happening in our lives
at that moment.
It is so easy to take things out of context
 and spin things into our own reality,
when in fact is our perception rather then what is real.

I ran into an old friend
the other day and she was saying how she 
enjoyed seeing my facebook posts
and how happy she was that 
everything is so perfect. 
I thought 
everthing is not perfect.
We are not perfect.
I had to say it out loud.
We are far from perfect.
I am so very far from perfect.
I am an emotional girl,
a sensitive girl, who often feels that
 I am NOT enough.

Then I look to Him who says
I am enough.
That I need not worry...
that YOU need not worry.
YOU are enough!

I was working on my blog today and found this post from 2013 that I never published,
everything happens for a reason, so I decided to share it today.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You're check out Paperless Post

I have always loved planning my children's birthday parties. 
As they have gotten older that has not changed.

However, invitations have.
 sending your teen with invites to school is a thing of the past. 
Online invites is the way to go.
 It's easy, fun and you know the invitation will get to where it needs to go.
Most all teens are online anyway,
their invitation can be a click away.

Paperless Post 
makes it a breeze to have their invites seen.
 Gone are the days of wondering if your kid remembered to pass out his or her invitations.
I love Paperless Post because it takes the hassle out of inviting guests to your party.
 They have invitations for virtually any occasion you could possibly dream of. 

Check out all their amazing Birthday cards here

Our daughter M's Sweet 16th is a few months away, and a month later our middle turns 18. 
I am already playing around with Paperless Post online to set the tone of their parties. 
We are also planning some backyard parties while Ethan is home from college this summer.
Paperless post can be as fancy or casual as you would like.

If you are like me, getting cards in the mail is such a treat,
I love a good hand written note.
Paperless Post does paper designs that are beautiful and timeless
as well as their online cards.

I love all their thank you notes  too.
They have cards for virtually every occasion you could think of.
Hop over and check them out.

This is a sponsored post.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

2016 was quite a year for us. 
It brought a lot of change, it brought happy times and many tears. .
we celebrated our oldest son, Ethan as he graduated 
from Branson High School
was accepted to UCM to study acting.
I have seen him grow, change and become a man this year. 
Cameron started body building and we have seen him blossom.
He will be doing some modeling in the year ahead for a local magazine. 
Madison began her Sophomore year and fell in love with game of golf. 
 She tried out and made the Branson High varsity golf team. 
brought a new business for Nate,
One built from an idea, hard work and with friends blessings.
brought the promise of a palliative care team
at Cox in Branson 
that I may possibly once again have the privilege
to hold  hands with the dying, and the grieving 
and somehow make a difference, (my heart was made for this).
brought a cancer diagnosis to Nates Mom (my Mom)
serious illness to my youngest sister.
These things have been difficult, painful and 
have brought many tears...
They have also brought Faith, Hope and Strength
like I have never witnessed.
You have been a rough one in many ways
you have also opened my eyes to beauty 
the power of Prayer, of Love, of Faith.
you leave us with fond memories of silly times, 
laughter, dreams and goals yet to accomplish. 
You gave us 
good friendships, the notion that change is good, 
a strong sense of adventure and more love.
I leave you with this 2016...
You made me stronger. You made me love more, 
You made me understand the power of slowing down 
to just be.
you made me bitter at times, angry and even afraid,
I cursed you, even hated you once in a while 
I leave you with this
you didn't break me, 
you challenged me. You taught me.
You made me stronger. 
So goodbye 2016...
I Look forward to 
with open arms and an open heart
To face what's next.
To love more, do more, dream more, be more. Help more.
Happy New Year
May Gods love light your path. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016


This word,
has been with me a lot lately. 
More than just the word really,  the entire meaning.

Perspective: a particular attitude toward or 
way of regarding something; a point of view.

 When we have things happen around us or to us, 
We react or respond from our own point of view, from where we are.
It is easy looking on the outside to judge how you would respond
or feel, or what you would do in the same experience...
 you're not in the same experience as that person and it's not you. 
I see so many judgmental comments on social media, and it has me thinking...
Can we ever really see other people's perspective? 
I mean we can empathize and sympathize,
but even if we were in the same situation,
 we may react or respond in a completely different way.
My Mom is battling breast cancer, my little cousin just had a heart transplant,
and my oldest has moved away to college.  
These are big things going on in my life right now;
 someone has just lost somebody they love,
 and one of my friends son has left for the military.
Those are hard things to be facing. 
Does that make what I am going through
It's perspective.
It is their perspective, it is my perspective.

We judge others hurts...
Someone has a bad day and we say 
"it could always be worse";
and maybe that is true,
To that person maybe that bad day is bad enough.
Can't we just be there for each other? 
No judgement, No questions,
just be there.


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