Saturday, June 3, 2017

Don't Give up...

If you go to Instagram
and search #dgushirt
you will find God's spirit coming from the 
stories and words being
spoken by some amazing women.
They offer truth, and an insight into their worlds.
The posts are from 2013 but are relevant today,

When we get on Facebook or Instagram
it is so easy to believe
that others lives
are so much better then our own.
What we post is just a portion of who we are
or what is happening in our lives
at that moment.
It is so easy to take things out of context
 and spin things into our own reality,
when in fact is our perception rather then what is real.

I ran into an old friend
the other day and she was saying how she 
enjoyed seeing my facebook posts
and how happy she was that 
everything is so perfect. 
I thought 
everthing is not perfect.
We are not perfect.
I had to say it out loud.
We are far from perfect.
I am so very far from perfect.
I am an emotional girl,
a sensitive girl, who often feels that
 I am NOT enough.

Then I look to Him who says
I am enough.
That I need not worry...
that YOU need not worry.
YOU are enough!

I was working on my blog today and found this post from 2013 that I never published,
everything happens for a reason, so I decided to share it today.


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