Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blogging~a love affair

A year and a half ago I started writing this blog.
I didn't know what I was doing, I just began to write.
It was the most wonderful experience.
No one was reading, I am sure, but it was wonderful for me
none the less.


Writing has lifted my spirits,
has helped me see situations more clearly,
and at times has healed my heart.
I have written about feelings, experiences, my family.
I have written about
 love, heartache, about kindness
about bullies, about life with teenagers.
I have shared my heart.
I have been scared, honest.
I love writing. I love that it comes from truth.
No matter where you are, what your mood,
writing comes from a place deep within you,
a place that you
can not hide away from the world.
and why would you want to hide that
precious, vulnerable part
that in part makes you who you are.
It makes you real and touchable.
I had shared my word for the year in an earlier post...

What is my
I want the things I choose to do this year to have a purpose.
How and where I spend my time.
The words I  say to others,
how I parent my children.
plans for this blog.
I want to be intentional...
with my time, with my gifts, with my wishes.
I want to be a blessing to others
to share experiences of life's ups and downs.
I want this little spot on the Internet to have  purpose.
I would be lying if I said that I didn't want this blog to grow,
I know that I don't want to mold it into something that it is not.
I want to continue to write from my heart.
To continue writing these love letters
to my family.
To share my life in this way...
It truly has been a love of mine...
this little space I call 3 Wishes.
No one wants to believe that they
are the only person going through something
that may be hard. may even feel impossible at times.
Let's connect...
Join me on this journey. Let me know you.
Introduce yourself.
I would be so happy that you did!
I pray January has been good to you and that you are on your way
to a wonderful year ahead.

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