Monday, January 28, 2013

Game Night

Hi friends....
Hope your weekend was spent exactly the way
 you wanted.
We had a nice weekend,
We got to spend some quality time together.
I came up with an idea for my family
over the weekend that I thought would be fun and
give everyone the chance to open up and share.
I feel really blessed that my 3 Wishes
are pretty open with us about stuff
that is going on in their lives.
They share about school, dreams, goals etc...

A game, kind of like 20 questions I guess
but my take on it went like this.
I got to thinking,
Wouldn't it be neat to really get the kids sharing about all sorts
of things taht are happening.
Like things we overlook,
take for granted, are sometimes too busy to focus on.
I started typing questions and before I knew it, I had thirty or so.


There isn't a right or wrong, the questions
can be about anything.
I cut all the questions into strips and folded them
and then placed them in a little bucket.
We ended up spilling them on to the counter and picking from there.
I found a mason jar and decided I would keep
them out as we decided this is going to be a weekly thing
for our family.
I was so excited because my kiddos actually wanted to play.
They enjoyed sharing.
We took turns picking a question and answering
the one we chose.
Cameron picked the question,
what new idea have you been thinking about lately?
Oh my goodness...
you should have seen the lightbulbs going off.
Cameron had so many neat ideas and inventions
that he had been thinking aobut...
from new video game inventions to ways to help our military forces.
It was amazing.

Leave me a little note if you decide to give this game a try.


jenshank said...

Can't wait to do this so fun sis!

Angela said...

What a great idea!! I don't have kids, but I love the idea of doing this one day with my family.

Kassi Mortensen said...

What a GREAT idea! So awesome to find a way to get to know your kiddos better!!!


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