Saturday, January 26, 2013

What weekends are for~

I love how my kiddos look forward to the weekends...
It is even more special when no one
has anywhere they have to be.
you know those weekends where everyone sleeps in
you wear your pj's until late in the day
with no guilt.
when cuddling and sipping hot cocoa
is the busiest thing you'll do all day.
No wrestling meet to drive to,
no practices of any kind...
just a fire building, watching movies,
enjoying each others company kind of day.
These are the days those special talks happen,
everyone relaxed, wanting to share
about new ideas, interests.
This is not a common thing when you have teenagers in the house.
they are always coming and going it seems.
But not tonight.
And that makes this Mama happy.
I thought of a game we are going to play tonight...
I am going to put topics and questions in a jar,
What is one thing at school you wish you could change?
What is something you are really excited about right now?
Name one person you met this week.
What is a new goal you have right now?
I am so excited to do this with my kiddos and hubby.
Having teens...
it isn't always easy to get everyone to play a board game...
but this is something meaningful
and will allow everyone to
really share,
about things we sometimes don't even think about.
I will blog about how my new game went over on Monday.
I hope your weekend is going exactly the
way you would like...
with a little hot cocoa on the side.
Just be

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