Wednesday, May 22, 2013

E's backyard party

 We celebrated Ethan's15th Birthday this past weekend,
 with a backyard, bonfire bash
for him and a few of his friends.

It was a beautiful night for a backyard party.
I am so happy because we had to postpone Ethan's party
in April
due to weather.

They climbed trees, wrestled, sang and talked until Midnight.

 This was such a low maintenance party.
The kids all take drama together at school and
have know each other since 7th or 8th grade so they just hung out 
and enjoyed the night and each others company.
No one really watched the movie cause they were too busy talking
and playing football, or wrestling.
That was might fine with us.

So my baby girl got to go to her first high school party
and she is only in 6th grade. 
I was really proud of her and I think E was too.
She talked to everyone and had a great time.
We got to share some hammock time at the end of the night.
Cameron decided he wanted to stay over at a friends house 
this night... we missed him!
Happy 15th again
to our Country boy,
 rock and roll drummer,
our dirt bike riding, varsity wrestling, actor!
as your Freshman year comes to an end I want to let you know
how we love you so and
what a fine young man you are. We 
could not be more proud of you and
your kind heart, determination and free spirit.

There are a few more pics on my instagram feed
 if you care to take a peek.
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