About me

I am a God lovin, happy Wife of 15 years to Nathan, a blessed Mama of 3 precious ones whom I adore, (our 3 wishes) Ethan is 14, Cameron is 12 and our lovely daughter Madison is 11. Our little slice of heaven is our lake view home away from the hustle and bustle of the world. My secret wish is to one day own a jet ski, I love those things. I have fond memories of riding in Jackson, Mississippi, with my grad school pals. I have a Masters degree from Tulane University in Clinical Social Work.
 I am a lucky Friend, a humble daughter to a Mom who now watches over me from Heaven, and Nate's Mom that I have adopted as my own. I am a Sister to 3 terrific women.
I am hooked on blogging, I swoon over Pinterest and am obsessed with photography, I would shoot photos all day long if I could.  I am blessed with a hubby that will pull over while driving just so I can get the shot my heart desires.
 I love fashion and thrift store treasures.  I am from Brooklyn, NY and have lived in Arizona, Georgia, New Orleans, California, Ohio and now we make our home in Missiouri. My children call me a gypsy.  My most favorite thing in the world is being a Mama. I love ballet and danced when I was younger.  I would love to take a class but with my family's schedule it seems next to impossible to fit it in. 
This humble, little blog is like a love note to my family...a little journal of our lives together. I share about our day to day lives, the crazy antics of life with busy, curious teen boys, our precious little girl, about feeding their pure hearts with love I share about our Big Faith, where God fuels our souls. We have our ups and downs, our good times and bad times, but we have eachothers backs all the time.
My blog was started in July of 2011 and quickly became a passion of mine, a little place to record
thoughts and connect with other women and Mama's. I am overwhelmed  by how much this process of blogging has meant to me. I have dreams of doing some amazing things with this little blog. You lovely bloggers out there have been such an inspiration to me,  So I Thank YOU

Thanks for reading along!

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