Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When the storm comes

   Many of you know by now that the town I live in, Branson was hit by a tornado late last night. This storm has damaged so much of our little town but I know the hearts of these amazing people and they will rise and come to the aid of others. I am praying for many dear friends that have lost homes, businesses, and pets.
    It has me to thinking of other kinds of storms.  It is inevitable that we all go through stormy weather and experience hard times, but it is in those times of struggle that you make a choice to stand and know God has you, or be defeated.
    I am so Thankful to all of you for the heart felt messages I have received and for all the prayers for our lovely town.
    When the storm comes...Will you be defeated, or will you press on and press through?  I pray that no storms come near you and that the good Lord protect you and keep you.  This evening I hope you hold close the ones you love.


jenshank said...

Praying for Branson, and so grateful you all are safe and sound!!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

I grew up in KY and the majority of my family lives in TN, so every time I see the devastation on the news, my stomach drops! Stay safe and sending prayers to Branson!
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