Monday, February 27, 2012

a broken camera, a wonderful fella, and a lesson in thoughtfulness

Those of you that know me, know that I am rarely seen without my camera. is a love of mine.  Well, my camera broke and I have been lost. I have not gotten it fixed yet because we are on a budget since Nate left his traveling job to work closer to home.  I had been using an old one that also does not work properly.  My hubby surprised me this weekend with a camera he found on Craigslist to hold me over until I can get my camera fixed.
It was so thoughtful and I was so surprised.  What makes this little story even sweeter is that my honey has had a hurt back for a week, I mean "hurt so bad, you don't want to move"  hurt back.  But on Friday night he says he needs to drive to Springfield to pick something up. What a sweet surprise. How thoughtful!
Those little things you do for each other in a marriage that make you swoon, he is better at this than me most of the time. I am blessed and I know this, I thank God each day that He brought Nathan to me. So on this typical Monday, it is anything but typical when you are living in God's grace and being blessed more than you deserve. Hope all of you have a Blessed and Happy Monday!!


Laura@Splendor said...

what a sweet husband!!! i feel your pain on the broken camera! so glad you got one! :)

Anonymous said...

My hubs' name is Nathan too! He also goes by Nate. :) How fun! What a sweet surprise from your hubby!!! Bet you're happy to have a new camera! ;) Thanks for the visit and comment over at Truly Lovely by the way!!!

emily anderson said...

that was so so thoughtful of him! hubs are the greatest.

glad you joined embrace the camera this week! hope to see you again!


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