Sunday, February 26, 2012

A yearning...

 I am yearning these days...yearning to dance again.  I studied Ballet when I was younger and it has never left me.
I have always loved dance, From as far back as I can remember...My Dad would grab my Mom and dance in our living room in Brooklyn.  They loved Motown. The cool sound stylings of Johnny Mathis makes me swoon.  My Mom's favorite song was "Chances Are".  My Dad's favorite was Dione Warwick's "Then Came You." That was {Their} song and every time I hear it, I am a little girl again just dancing with my sisters, twirling around my Mom and Dad.
I want to start taking a ballet class so badly. It is on my JUST DO IT list for this year.  My feet need to move, to leap, my body wants to feel graceful and fluid. The thought of practicing Plie', Releve' and Arabesque makes me smile.
There is something about being a dancer, I believe it lives in you forever. You hear music and you can't help but move, it is necessary and right.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend, doing something you love, with someone you love!

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jenshank said...

Loving those pictures sis, wow!! Have a beautiful Monday!


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