Friday, March 2, 2012

Passing it Forward...helping hands

    photo courtesy of pinterest
   Last week I posted about Ashley over at The Shine Project and her amazing idea about how to get people to serve others., "Pass it Forward".  I loved the idea and jumped on board to see what I could do to help.  I have not received my pass it forward cards yet but that is not stopping me from letting my little light shine. It didn't stop the students at TCA either.
    I posted a few days ago about the tornado that hit our town.  My 5th grade class decided they wanted to do a service project to help those who lost their homes.  Kids after my own heart!!! We started taking donations in my classroom.  We have collected items and will distribute them early next week.  We have a girl in our class that lost her home so we are on clean up duty today!!! We all loaded up at our school today and went over to my lovely little 5th graders home that was practically destroyed by the tornado that hit Branson.  There was so much to do..but we had many eager and willing hands. I am so proud of all these kiddos. Wow, talk about wanting to cry all day, between being overwhelmed by how amazing these little hearts touched others to the emotion of how blessed we all were during this storm.
This is my precious Elli, it was her home where we served today, she is the cutie in the middle of all her friends.
Today I saw love in action, I witnessed hope alive, I saw the human spirit soaring beyond the destruction.
This is what Passing it forward is all about...Getting in there and rolling up your sleeves and doing for others!
Thanks to all the TCA students who did an amazing job today and gave so selflessly. I also want to thank my husband and my sweet children that were right there serving today.  I overheard my Cameron go to Elli's mom and thank her for allowing him to help her today. talk about a proud mama moment.
 I pray you all have a safe and happy weekend.  Remember to Pass it Forward!


Angie Brown said...

Loved your story of Passing it forward. What big hearts those precious girls and your class have. It is people like you and your sweet class that make people smile.

Laura Hernandez said...

This is amazing! I received my shine cards in the mail today. I can't wait to spread the random acts of kindness with Pass It Forward. ^_^


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