Monday, April 29, 2013

Color Me Rad 2013

What a day,
a lovely, colorful day.
The Color Me Rad Run did not disappoint!
It was rainy and cold but that didn't stop us.
I wanted to run a 5k last year but it wasn't to be.
I was on a mission to run one by my birthday this year,
and then the tragedy happened in Boston
and I wanted to do it even more.
I ran for me, I ran for Boston.
We started in a sea of white...
that didn't last long

 Quick pose by the fountain
I Loved all the great outfits, Ethan on the other hand
was so appreciative that I didn't wear a tutu.
 Ethan made a little friend named Ethan!
This is Ethan's idea of rolling in color.
 My first...and not last 5K,
Ask my hubby, I couldn't stop running even after the race.
I am hooked.
 The big finish
Awesome crowd
A huge thank you to my E,
My partner in crime, my cheerleader, my drill sergeant and at the end
a proud son who couldn't believe at 47, his Mama did it!  
Well, that made it even more amazing for me.
Go check it out!
 Hope your weekend was colorful!!!

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