Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Digging deeper

Do you ever judge others?
It is easy to look at 
somebody or a situation
and believe that we know
what is real.
What if we dug a little deeper?
What might we find?
It is in the investment of others where we
find our hearts, our voice.
We are never more fierce then when 
we are fighting for truth,
for love.
I am guilty...
I see people at the hospital where I work
it is easy to judge,
to be quick to think the worst sometimes...
I am wrong.
That is wrong. 
There have been times in my life where I have been judged.
People didn't know my story, 
It hurt!
If I think I have it figured out
then my heart is not open to hear the truth,
and then how can I really help
that person?
That saying, never judge until you walk in another 
persons shoes...
so true.
We only know what others
allow us to see.
There is so much people hide and
with good reason.
So many of us hide away, or at least that piece of us
we don't want others to see,
it becomes a method of self preservation
Today I am choosing to dig a little deeper,
to not judge
to realize that behind every smile, every tear
every decision,
there is a story...
An amazing story to hear.

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