Thursday, March 7, 2013

A bully story...

You're the kid with his head down except when you utter
those unkind words to yet
bring down another.
You're the kid who is so sad, but
anger is the only emotion
you show your victims.
You're the kid who picks on others
to diminish the pain you feel inside.
Is it for fun? Is it a game, or sport?
Are you just plain mean? What is the reason you inflict
pain on others?
I am here to tell you...
There is NEVER a reason to
do the things you do.
Threatening, name calling, hitting.
Is someone doing it to you?
Then please tell someone
so the cycle can stop...
and my precious one
won't walk with his head down
any longer,
 won't feel bad anymore.

My son has learned a lot in Jr.High this year.
He has learned algebra, and Spanish...
he has also learned how truly
unkind, some people can be.
He has learned self control and he has learned
to stand up for himself...
not using his fists
but using his words.

I know my son could fight , he could hit,
punch, kick...
that is not his way...
I know my son could defend himself.
But to fight words with violence is not
the answer.
It is not what we have taught him.
Jr. High is such a rough time in a young persons
So much change,
so much growth.
So much figuring out who they are and what they
want to stand for.
I pray over him,
We pray with him.
I am grateful that my son goes to a school
where the administration
tries to lift his spirit
and tells him he is doing the right thing...
That it is important to report
these things
when they happen.
They have taken action...
until we teach our children
they will not show it to others.
There is a reason why
kids walk around
saying disgusting, horrible things
to other children.
That is far worse and does more damage than a
punch to the chin ever could.,
Parents...we need to take action.
It needs to stop.
There is a movie out entitled "Bully",
it is a documentary...
and while difficult to watch, it is a must see.
It is a must see.
There are things that our children don't tell us...
out of fear, out of embarrassment
out of sheer frustration.
We need to be aware of the signs,
we need to ask
those (sometimes) difficult questions.

It is no secret...I have been pretty vocal
on the topic of bullies this year.
We have had our share of trips to the principals office,
and phone calls to the school counselor.
We have written letters and
voiced our concerns
to anyone who will listen.
We are fortunate that our children attend a school
that does not tolerate bullying...
I am not an expert,
all I know is that I have a precious wish...
for my precious wishes,
that this would not be an issue
any longer.

Hoping your Thursday is a peaceful one!!!
Would love to hear how you have dealt with any bully situations..
Please leave me a comment and your e-mail and I will write back.


jenshank said...

Amen Sis no child should have to put up with bullying!

Anonymous said...

you are an awesome mom...!


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