Friday, March 1, 2013

Party cup DIY

While looking around Bob Evans after breakfast
last Sunday,
my oldest came across this "RedNek" party cup
and thought it was hysterical.
At about ten dollars a piece,
I decided I would make my own for the kids
for fun.
It was beyond easy and just a fraction
of the price.

I found the glass candlesticks at The Dollar Tree, and my hubby had
just purchased a huge pack of the red solo cups for
the house.
I used hot glue and it worked perfectly.  I didn't want to use any
kind of epoxy or other substance that might harm
my kiddos since they would be drinking out of the cups.
So for about a dollar something
I made fun party cups that my teens love.

I mean how cute are these cups for a teens birthday party
or just a fun get together.

Here is to the weekend friends!!!


jenshank said...

So cute!!

Tiffanie A said...

I see these cups all the time! LOL


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