Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Living on a Prayer

I have been away.
Not on a trip or a vacation really...
just away,
searching, thinking, praying.
Hoping about a future for my 3 Wishes.
What I want for them.
The material stuff does not come to mind,
it is the sweet stuff...
kindness, an open heart, an strong mind, a giving spirit.
What I want for them is to feel strong and secure in
the knowing
that God has them...
every growing inch of them.
My boys are teens, my girl, 11.
Not babies anymore by definition...
but...my babies forever.
My loves, my hopes, my Wishes.
These gifts form God bless me in ways I could have
never imagined being blessed.
They keep me strong...
They keep me soft.
It is something...this role of Motherhood.
Each day is a new beginning, a new adventure and a
 new prayer enters my heart.
One that includes peace of Spirit,
a closeness with God,
and a keeper of Faith.
My prayer...
today starts with Thank you...
Just simply Thank you.
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday friends...
What are you living on these days?

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