Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a simple lesson

It can make or break your day.
That word, that one word, maybe two or three.
with a smile on the side.
can brighten your day.
On the other hand...
One word can cut so deep that
the pain stays with you,
We must be careful with our words,

My daughter posted a photo on instagram
of something she liked,
someithing she is passionate about and
talented at,
and someone posted a comment that could have come across
very rudely,
someone noticed it and addressed it
the young girl said she wasn't aware of how that comment
came across.
She was apologetic to my daughter,
 and I believe, very sincere.
My daughter has a private account so this is a friend
that had made the comment,
and Madi's teacher that caught it.
 I don't believe that the comment was intended
 to be rude or mean,
I was so happy that Madi's teacher 
said something to make sure.
She was guarding my daughter's heart,
for that I am deeply grateful.
Even in our haste...
when we are talking to others 
or sharing and commenting on 
whether it be facebook, instagram etc...
it is important to speak kindly.
What is our intention here?

Think about when someone says something  nice
about your hair, or what you are wearing.
You beam don't you? 
It feels good.
It can get you through a bad day even.
Now think of the opposite.
Can it not do the same?
Can't that harsh word stay with you through your day?
these harsh words stay with us for a
It is a choice...
to be kind
to be mean.
To use our words for good or for bad.
What is it gonna be? 
It really is as simple as that!!!

There is a great post on the blog "Life As Of  Late"
about instagram, other social media
and your children.
Check it out.

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