Monday, April 22, 2013


my greatest passion is
 watching my children grow
and learn
and become "them"
I could be a better wife at times
I am horrible at making plans
I desire to be a better friend
I am insecure a lot of the time
I am a dreamer
I am a believer that people are basically good
I am missing my sisters
I want to become a better photographer
I am looking forward to summer
I am a girly girl
I am a (not so secret) duck dynasty fan
I am addicted to tattoos
I am a better cook than I used to be
I am moved by words and music in such a deep way
I am not great at telling jokes
I love to hear people laugh
I am super sensitive
I think it is amazing how we all see things so differently
that we are all so much alike in our hearts
I enjoy helping people, it makes my heart smile
I believe we all have a story to tell, and I
I love hearing people's stories
I am grateful, so grateful for all that I have been given
I hope for this little space to turn into something inspiring
one day

help me to get to know you better, leave a comment telling me about you!
Have a beautiful Monday...




Kassi Mortensen said...

I love Duck Dynasty! Seriously every episode is hilarious!!! :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

alicia said...

About me....I'm ur sissy, I love bald heads, I'm fiercely independent, I hate my arms, I love chocolate, I wish my nieces and nephews were my very own, I love to shop, I'm abrassive, I'm a dog person, I'm a good shooter, I'm afraid of the dark, I love old detective shows, I'm still sad that my mom is gone, I feel sometimes I'm not as good of a sister as I should be, I'm addicted to pedicures!!!!!!!! How's that nee nee???:)

Katie Cook said...

Love this:) You are so real and honest and genuine!!! Thanks for from Nepal! Love Katie

Tonis Ton said...

very nice!!! thanks for sharing

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From now i ll start to follow you please do the same :) Thanks!!!


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