Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Do...15 years later

On this day...15 years ago, I said I do to the best person I know.  Nathan is wise and loving and affectionate. He is a good husband and a wonderful father.  He is better than me in so many ways.  He is fun and silly and spontaneous.  He is a teacher at heart and a friend to everyone he meets.  He is an encourager and a dreamer. Nathan is a hard worker and had has such a passion for life.  I still swoon for this amazing man.
   We were married in a small Chinese Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.  I had just finished Grad. school. The only person at our wedding was my amazing cousin Jim who drove from Flagstaff  because "he wouldn't miss it".  So happy he didn't. 
   God and Nathan have blessed me the most beautiful 3 Wishes come true that a girl could ever have, and a love so great that distance couldn't  tear it apart. Through good times and bad, he has been my rock.
   So, on this day...I thank God for bringing me to you and I say thank you my love, thank you for leading us on an adventurous path and for saying those two special words with me all those years ago... "I do". So happy you did!

You and Me by Dave Matthews...For you Nate!!
please turn off music below to have a listen to this lovely song.

We share this special day with my darling sister Tanya....Happy Birthday Sis. We love you!!!  We shared this anniversary with another special couple in Arizona !! We love you Aunt Bella, we miss you Uncle Jim, you are forever in our hearts.


Tesha said...

So very sweet! We are also about to celebrate 15, What a blessing :)

Tesha said...

So very sweet! We are also about to celebrate 15, What a blessing :)

Elisha(: said...

awwwhhhh!! (:

Becca Acker said...

How precious. Happy Anniversary!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Happy 15th Anniversary! I hope I'm as happy with MY Nathan in 15 years! ;)


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