Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I wore wednesday

   Wednesday's are Chapel day at out little Christian school so I usually wear a dress. This one was gifted to me by my lovely friend Goldie Obryan... my purple shoes were from her as well.

I love how colorful this dress is since I am usually in black, white, grey, and beige.
Dress-Calvin Klein
Grey Tank top under dress-Target
Tights-TJ Maxx
Not to many photos today as I am still not feeling well and I didn't really feel like taking photo's this morning. :) Next week I will try to be a little more ambitious. Would love to see what you chose to wear today!!!
I am linking up with The Letter 4, The Pleated Poppy and Momma Go Round. Come Check these lovely ladies out.

pleated poppy Momma Go Round


Tesha said...

Oh I love that dress, so cute. I adore bright colors :)

Elisha(: said...

aahhh!! I love those colors!! good pick!! ;)


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