Friday, November 9, 2012

focus on the positive...

Computer troubles make for an unhappy blogger.
But I am not here to complain about my computer today.
I will simply say...
 this is why my posts have been missing in action lately.
So instead of whining...
I am going to focus on the positive.
I am here.
I am breathing in and out today this amazing fresh air.
I am a mom of 3 kiddos who bless me every day.
I am the wife of a man who loves his family so much that
he would do anything for us.
I am the daughter of The King,
and a mom and dad who I adore even if they are
not truly my own. (but they are)
I am the sister to 3 amazing gals who I love and miss
so very much.
I am a friend to some of the most lovely ladies that
are such blessings to me.
What are you thankful for right now, Today?
I have been so stressed, I just needed to say
you have so much to be grateful for and
if you trust in the Lord,
then you know He has all of this.
today I will focus on the positive,
I won't let the stress of the day or a circumstance dictate
my outlook.
After all, Doesn't God determine all of it anyway?
Seems silly than to waste a beautiful day with worry,
much less another minute of
your beautiful life.
Hoping you all have a lovely day,
trusting in the Lord with all your worries and enjoying the many
blessings that surround you today.

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circleofchaos said...

Wonderful post.
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin and gfc???
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