Sunday, November 4, 2012

In Ethan's words...

When I started writing about what my son Cameron
has been going through at school,
being bullied,
I knew I wanted my 3 blessings to share their experience
of what this has been like for them.
To share how bullying has affected them.
Here, Ethan shares in his own words what it was like for him.
In my Jr. High years I had my share of dealing with bullies.
I didn't speak up, I never complained.
Looking back
I don't know if I did the "right" thing.
By 8th grade, things got better though, I was
not bullied as much.
Here is what I know,
I was picked on because I wasn't a bad kid
 I was the "new" kid.
I was smaller and I am sure that didn't help.
I was on the football team but didn't dress like a jock
I hung out with country boys but I didn't chew,
I would go to the guys on my football team that were cussing like sailors
and tried telling them about God.
Not easy.
The only time my parents found out about any
sort of bullying was in seventh grade
when they got a call about me getting kicked by some kid
in the locker room after P.E
I wouldn't have gotten any punishment except....
I kicked him back,
the moral of the story is
although I'd like to seriously injure kids that pick on my siblings or friends,
there's a much quieter way to deal with them, simply communicate
with your elders or teachers and all will be well.
I promise.
It won't make you a so called "tattle tale"
what my little brother is going through is terrible, if you already have read about it
than you know what I'm talking about.
I feel that he's a different kid ever since he started in public school
not for the better.
The mix of teenage hormones and being bullied are a very bad combination.
he's sad, somtimes angry for no apparent reason,
moms, dont think its just public school that does this to kids,
 it's their current situation that your child is currently in.
talk to them
be persistent
bug them until they have to tell you whats wrong
it'll get better :)
now that I'm in high school, things are awesome,
 I found a group of kids that except me for who I am
and things have been great since then,
to sum it all up
speak out
stand up for yourself
stop this bully epidemic
God bless

                    Ethan Shaffer


jenshank said...

Well said Ethan!! Love you

Michele Marriott said...

This is an important lesson for many children. Don't give up. You will find a group of people who appreciate and love you for exactly who you are. What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing, Ethan. (and Ethan's mom!)

aunt alicia said...

Ethan god bless u. U r so articulate. So grown up. I'm so proud of u and the wonderful young man u have become. I love u!!! Aunt Alicia

Bekah said...

Wonderfully put! I just posted a blog entry about bullying as well. It's told from a different perspective, but I would love to know what you think of it :)


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