Saturday, November 3, 2012

What kind of mom

What kind of mom?
What kind of mom prays for her children
each morning, each night...
prays for good things,
for peace, for compassion,
for confidence,
for true, meaningful friendships.
What kind of mom
makes mistakes...
little ones...
big ones.
What kind of mom asks too many questions
and then doesn't quit bugging until
they are answered.
What kind of mom
knows the heart of her children.
What kind of mom?
What kind of mom
cries when her children are hurting
then prays even harder
for the hurt,
not to hurt so badly.
What kind of mom
teaches to turn the other cheek
but then at times wants to take it back
when she sees the pain you are hiding.
What kind of mom
has your back
in all ways.
What kind of mom
knows that life isn't always easy
but teaches that God is always with you
and with Him all things are possible.
What kind of mom
won't stop until this bully stops.
What kind of mom
tries to lead by example
in giving second chances and talking things through.
What kind of mom
loves you three wishes
more than
the earth, the sea or sky.
What kind of mom...
What kind of mom?
This mom.
This is where my heart is lately...
October was gone in a blink of an eye, I have more posts on Bullying that I want to get out.
I am also working on a Halloween post...
I know it is late,
But I am dying to show off the amazing
costumes my Mom made.
It has been a roller coaster here,
with good things happening like Grandma and Grandpa coming out for a visit,
to bad things like bully's that just won't quit.
I know that God has my son, I know there is
a lesson here.
Thank you to all who have been leaving sweet comments and notes.
You lift my spirits more than you know.
God bless and enjoy your weekend
your Blessings.

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