Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bullies...Did you know?

Did you know it is going to stop?
See the kid walking down the hall,
quiet, unsure of himself?
Leave him alone, he did nothing to you, nothing to offend.
Did you know
that kid is sweet and kind and has the
biggest heart in the world.
Did you know he is a loyal friend?
Did you know that he is trying to find his place
in this world, just like you are?
Did you know
He is brave.
He is sad.
you just walk on by and leave my kid alone.
You know it is wrong...
maybe you are hurting,
maybe you need a hand to reach out,
you have no right to pick on others
you are unhappy.
You will never know how cool this kid is
because you are to busy...
busy being mean
busy being hateful
to get to know this amazing young man.
Did you know that he is a wonderful son to me and his Dad?
Did you know that he wants to serve his country
when he grows up?
Did you know he rips on a rip stick.
Did you know that he is amazing at video games and how
they work?
Did you know that he is so knowledgeable about
almost any gun there is?
Did you know he wants to be on the trap team this year?
Did you know that he is an awesome brother and cousin?
Did you know that he switched schools this year,
and it has been hard for him?
Did you know that he comes home sad most days?
Did you know that I am teaching him NOT to give you his power!!!
You can not,  and will not hurt my boy!
His heart is precious,
you won't take that from him.
If you have a child that is being bullied...speak out, speak up.

My sweet sister wrote a post today on her blog that I would love to share with you.
please click the link below and show her some love.
We are going to be teaming up this month and sharing our thoughts on bullying
and what part we play. Also will be sharing helpful tips
and hotline information with you. It is anti bullying month...
Let's all work together so that no one is made to feel less than
the wonderful person that God made them! 


jenshank said...

Oh my, I am so sorry, I hate that this is happening to my beautiful nephew with the biggest heart in the world! Kids are soooo mean and their parents should know it! I am praying for Him and praying for the bully's

Anonymous said...

I love Cam so much I cried when I read this. Please be comforted by the knowledge that Jesus is close to the brokenhearted and walks beside him through those lonely hallways. No weapons formed against his dear sweet soul will prosper. Praying fervently. Love you all.-Scarlett

Susi aka Sinead said...

Hello there, I found your link on I'm so sorry that this is happening to your son. I was a bully victim for many years and it took me the rest of my life to start believing in myself, I still struggle every day to believe that I'm good enough. Kids can be so incredibly cruel.. without even thinking or understanding how much damage they cause to another human being. I hope your son will get help to stop this. Glad to know he has a supportive family.


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