Monday, October 15, 2012

Being bullied?...You are not alone.

Bullying has become an epidemic.
It is everywhere, at every school. It is so easy to turn
a blind eye and say, "oh kids will be kids".
but that isn't a helpful or appropriate answer.
Especially if it your child that is being bullied.
Some children have more confidence and can turn the other cheek
when something negative is said to them.
Others are not built that way.
Things touch them more deeply.

Over the weekend I read about Amanda Todd,
I am sure many of you saw the news...
That is a tragedy. A heartbreaking tragedy.
What could have been done,
wasn't more done?
My heart ached for this child and her parents.

Last week I talked about how my son is
being bullied at school.
At that posting it was with words,
mean, hateful words.
Friday when he came home,
I learned that it got physical and I
wanted to scream.
My son goes to a good school.
I like his teachers, the administration is
But if they are not fully made aware of the issue
then how can they help.
I have been going through all the proper channels,
talking to the people I am supposed
to talk to.
Today the gloves come off.
Today I go, I wait, I talk, I scream
until someone hears me.
It is up to me to protect my son.
To make sure that he is safe,
to make sure
that his heart does not get
If you know your child is struggling with a bully
at school, please don't wait to step in
and help.
I know that getting along with others is all
part of growing up.
That standing up for yourself is like a
right of passage.
But bullying is on a completely different level.
Think about it...

If we are raising our children
to be compassionate, respectful and kind,
then how is treating another person badly,
in any way
even acceptable?
Sad thing is, adults do it too.

Today I would like to offer some websites that
speak directly to the topic of bullying.
Do you know that about
 74 percent of 8-11 year olds are bullied!
That number is staggering.
Nearly 160, 000 kids miss school each day because
they are afraid to go to school.
Did you know that some children won't use the restroom
at school all day
because they are scared.
Doesn't that break your heart?
We as parents need to get educated and
stand up for our children.

Here are some links that may help you if
you have a child that is being bullied.

It is up to us as parents to protect our children.
We have to talk with them and
listen to their hearts.
We also need to let our schools know that it will
be tolerated.
If you have a child that is being bullied,
talk with them.
Then take action!!!
If you suspect your child is a bully,
please engage with them, cause
there is probably
something going on that is making them act out
this way against others.
We want our children to feel confident and secure
and safe.
They deserve that.
All children deserve that.

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jenshank said...

Thanks for putting all the links out there! Great post!


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