Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Falling in love with fall...Is there a better season?
 Well I do love summer too,
but there is something wonderful and refreshing about fall.
beautiful, velvety, rich colors
the amazing smells of wood burning and
homemade chilli cooking on the stove top,
and pumpkin pie in the oven.
Everything seems warm, and cozy.
extra blankets on the bed,
thick, soft, socks on a cold floor.
It is harder to wake up in the morning
with the darkness still about.
Hoodies, football games and hot chocolate call us out.
I could sit and watch the leaves falling from the big
tree in the backyard all day. 
Enjoy hot tea, a warm croissant and
a good book.
It is time to get out the boots you have been dying to wear,
your favorite sweaters, jeans and
pretty scarves...
It is trips to the  pumpkin patch,  hayrides,
pumpkin carving time.
Soon the sound of doorbells and the words
"trick or treat" will fill the night air.
Costumes and candy
and happy little ones running about.


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