Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Looking forward

It is something to come out of a dark place
and to once again see light,
God will only take us where He believes we need to travel.
It may be a longer visit then we like but
if we are patient and open
there are lessons to be learned,
knowledge to be gained,
emotions to be walked through.
When we do make it through these dark times,
we come out refreshed, with new insight, and
hopefully open to more growth.
It isn't easy trying to stay afloat
when everything in you feels as if you are drowning.
The thing is...we are so much
stronger then we think.
God knows this. He delights in our abilities.
He also has His hand out for us to take,
if we would only grab hold.
Do not turn your eyes from Him.
He is strong when we are so weak.
He is love when we are filled with everything but.
He is paitent
when we are filled with frustration.
He is hope when we are in the dark, when we feel alone,
and when we are broken.
Change isn't always an easy thing,
but it can renew in us something we had forgotten.
As the leaves change from green, to yellow, to orange to red,
I am reminded that as the seasons change with grace
we are so very capable of doing just that.
My faith was shaken, but never broken.
I am ever more aware that He is my rock.
God is so good.
I hope you are off to a blessed week.


jenshank said...

Beautiful message sis!! You have a gift.

Chelsea said...

Amen!! What you wrote could sum up my last 10 months of Lyme Disease Treatment...I've never been so close to God. He is SO GOOD...ALL THE TIME!! Thanks for sharing! Be blessed :)


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