Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My first born is about to start high school, for this mama it has been less than easy.
My first born, made most of my mistakes on him.
My first to nurse, to potty train, to walk.
First boo boos, first love, first everything.
He is nervous, although I am not sure if he is as nervous as I am.
 I know in my heart he is ready.
 I feel for him though,
 it is difficult starting new things. 
Today we took a tour around the high school,
checking out his schedule and his locker.
 Of course I was snapping pics all the while.
The lockers at the high school are huge so I told him to get in it for a
funny pic and his reply literally broke my heart.
Ethan looked at me and said,
"Mom, I will probably be spending more
time then I would like in this locker".
Is that really what he is thinks about high school?
That he is going to be shoved inside his locker by older, bigger kids?
I mean, Ethan is a good kid, a likable, funny kid.
It was all I could do not to cry. I held it together and said
Absolutely not!!! No one is going to do that. That will not happen.
The truth is, I guess it could.
 I mean Branson is a good, safe school
 but there are good schools everywhere and bullying is on the rise.
There was a mom with her son close by and she overheard
our conversation. She turned to Ethan and asked him if he
would ever do that to another student and 
his reply was "no way".
She then said, then dont think that anyone will do that to you.
I was happy that she spoke to Ethan too.
Sometimes hearing reassuring words
from someone other than your mom really helps.
I know God will protect him, give him courage and wisdom when he needs it.
So I am praying that my precious first wish
 has a wonderful first year in high school, and
that the only time spent at his locker is that of grabbing books
 and talking with his friends.

I am linking up with Bits of Splendor for her Monday link up. I hope you will stop by her blog.  Laura is partnered up with Project Hope and it really is a beautiful cause.

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alicia said...

U know E is going to rock high school. Don't worry so much. Alicia


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