Friday, August 3, 2012

Right now...

It is after 3 am and I can't sleep
I am so thankful for all the amazing people in my life,
 that lift me up when I am feeling so down
I am sad that school is starting soon
I am frustrated with job hunting
I am falling in love with taking photos again
I know I could be a better wife
I am grateful for what I do have

Here are some pics I have shot this week and some I have been working on from our Ohio trip. I am loving Instagram these days and I would love to see you there...You can follow me at

Thank you to my kiddos and my sweet niece and nephew who let me and my sis take what probably seemed like a million shots this summer. You are my favorite subjects!!


Adriana Morales said...

Great photos and hang in there.


Adriana Morales said...

Love the photos! Hang in there.


Kassi Mortensen said...

Your photos look great!

alicia said...

What is wrong w u? Put a portfolio together and take it to photography studios. U dumb ass u can make a living from this.


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