Monday, September 17, 2012

A party for Fran...

We said goodbye in grand style
to our beloved Fran today.
She will be here a few more weeks packing up her little log cabin
before joining her lovely daughters in Ohio.

She has been a wonderful neighbor to us.
She loves our children well and,
she spoils me when
I go and visit her all by myself.
She insists I sit and relax
and we talk about things of the past or watch
a game show together.
We have come to love her.
She is wise and even a little sassy,
which I delight in.
I hope to be as sassy at 90.
She was so happy today to see all the kids running around.
And to visit with all her friends.
It was such a lovely day.
Fran will move and there will be an auction,
she told me me she couldn't bear to see her things sold
to whoever happened to be the highest bidder.
I don't blame her.
I too, think it would be so hard to see a lifetime of
treasures taken away
by strangers.
She takes with her, though,
a lifetime of memories,
Memories of her and her love moving into this little cabin in the woods,
memories of friends and neighbors
who love her and care.
She won't be leaving empy handed or hearted.
She leaves with us
grateful hearts that we
have the honor to know her and
 share her life with her
even if the time was far too short.
We will write, send pictures
and maybe even visit her in her new little part of the world.
But, it won't be the same as walking across
my yard and having tea,
talking of long ago,
and sharing our hearts.
Today was filled with mixed emotions as I celebrate my Mom's birthday
and am reminded once again
how her life was cut way too short.
I know she would have liked Fran also.
I think she would have enjoyed
the party.
Happy Birthday Mom!

1 comment:

jenshank said...

Hate that she is leaving but it will be nice for her to be by family! Glad you captured her beautiful day


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