Sunday, September 16, 2012

Behind the scene

Things look peaceful

Behind the scene is chaotic at best...
It's five people's schedules and
one very busy car taking
five people from their comings and goings.
I like the comings {home} part best.
Behind the scene it is at times frustrating.
It is forever forgiving...
Behind the scene there is laughing, arguing,
 hugging, talking, listening.
All the things I thought I would never say,
have been said.
Some of the things I thought they would never do,
have been done.
There are good memories,
bad memories.
There is no instruction guide,
no manual of any sort.
There is, however,
a firm foundation in Christ,
a lot of love,
a lot of forgiveness,
a lot of paitence.
Sometimes not enough.
There are grateful tears, sad tears.
It's school books and homework.
It is days of soccer, wrestling, theatre and guns.
It's 4 wheelers, hiking
and haircuts and fun.
It's Worship from home and chicken pox all over.
Lately it is exhausting, exciting, stressful, and frightning.
Praying with a grateful heart
for more days behind this scene.
What is life like for you lately?

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