Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On this day...

Just 10 days before,
 I had brought her home. She was wrapped in pink and smelling of the best smell I know.
All was right and safe and secure in my world.
I sat nursing her and staring down at this little person that I had already loved
for nine months while she grew inside of me.
I remember watching my two little boys play and how so
innocently they loved and shared.
Giggles and sounds of  happy life filled the living room.
I remember feeling so at peace, so complete.
it happened.
On this day
a phone call from Nathan asking if I was watching the news.
I wasn't.
I remember turning  on the television and crying in disbelief that this event,
this horrible thing was actually happening
right at that very moment.
I watched, like everyone else, as the first tower fell,
and then the second.
I thought of my relatives and friends who were in the city,
in my head,
 quickly trying to remember who lived where?
 Who worked in the towers?
I remember the plane crashing into the Pentagon,
and then the next to the ground.
I remember thinking how much more?
I remember feeling sick, sad, shock, angry, and confused.
How could this happen?
Why did this happen?
On this day
we remember what was taken away from us,
 what we lost.
We remember all the lives that were taken to soon,
all the lives that must go on without their loves.
We remember those who so bravely went in,
while others ran out to safety.
On this day we honor all who helped, who served,
who were so selfless.
There have been monuments and movies to honor these hero's.
It will never be enough.
The loss was too great.
To the wives, the husbands, the children, and the parents,
It will never be enough.
 They live forever in all of us
who remember
on this day.
So much loss, so much saddness.
For me...
so much joy accompanied these sad feelings,
I looked down and around me and saw new life, I saw hope,
On this day
I look at my little girl who just turned 11,
I am filled with emotions as I hug her before she goes off to school.
My daughter rememebers,
I remember
Where she was
on this day.

May God bless each of you today.
I would love for you to
please share what you were doing on this day.




jenshank said...

Love ur post sis! What a day that was glad we were all in Ohio!

Kassi Mortensen said...

Oh wow... With a new baby I'm sure it was all that much more horrific! It show how young I am... but on this day I was eating my breakfast ready to get on the bus for school. I saw pieces on the news at home. Then watched it with my class in my school library. So sad.


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