Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trampoline jumpin, lemonade sippin and sprains

We have had quite a few weeks here...spending time on the lake with friends, staying up far past our bedtimes.  It has not been a calm start to summer however.  My oldest and my youngest
 have sprained their ankles.
My daughter sprained hers a week ago and was on crutches,
 it was a light sprain and she was faithful to stay off of it and use her crutches when
she needed to get around. 
 Then Ethan was on the trampoline the other night and landed on his ankle wrong and pop. We thought for sure it was broken. Luckily, another sprain but his is pretty bad. We had x-rays taken and he will be on crutches for a while.  For a wrestler, it is like a death sentence. He is itchin to run,
to get back to some summer fun.
So we have been watching movies,  sippin lemonade and I have been a busy girl making sure everyone is comfortable and has what they need.
I am looking forward to everyone healing and running around again, but mostly I am feeling so thankful
 that no bones were broken.
Hope you are having a lovely summer so far.


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Tiffanie A said...

I hope everyone heals fast!


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