Monday, June 4, 2012

Madi Moments...

Happy Monday Lovelies...I thought since Madi hasn't written in a while, she might like to
 visit with you all for a spell. 
Hi everyone, I have had a nice summer so far.  I have been on the lake, playing with my brothers, swinging in our hammock, then I sprained my ankle and I was on the sofa for a week.  When I did get off the coach, I had to use crutches and they hurt under my arms. My dad taped towels to the crutches but it didn't help.  I am better now, I am happy but my brother, Ethan sprained his ankle worse and I feel bad for him cause I know how it hurts.
I am most excited about going to Ohio to see my family there. Me and my cousins
have the best time together and I cna't wait to see my mamaw.
She is the best.
We will go to my cousins birthday parties, swim, play and have sleepovers.
I can't wait to go to the water park with my cousins.
There is so much fun stuff to do in Ohio.
We always have so much fun. I am happy my ankle is better, it still hurts sometimes, but
I am able to get around so that is good.
I get to go to a family reunion when we go to Ohio and I love it
cause it is at the coolest pond with a rope swing that I think is so much fun.

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Tiffanie A said...

I hope your ankle feels better soon Madi!
Have fun in Ohio!

Tiffanie @ Life With The Little Man


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