Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cloud gazing & wishful packing

Hello friends, I don't know about your neck of the woods but we have had the most delightful weather here. The sun has been shining with fluffy white clouds scattered about.  A few nights ago we had the neatest clouds...really something to gaze upon.  Nathan and I did just that. 
Today, my little girl is all about packing for our annual summer road trip to Ohio.  The goal, to get to her Mamaw as fast as possible. Period! She is all about this trip every year.  We usually go at Christmas time also but last year we spent christmas at home instead, which means Madi is really on a mission to get there...and I mean now.
She has packed almost everything she owns, girl after my own heart! 
The only thing that would make this summer sweeter is if I could also be in Arizona with my sisters, Alicia and Tanya. I sure am missing them too.
I pray that someday soon I will get to see them.
Wishful and hopeful.
Well,  gotta get packin....Have a wonderful Thursday lovelies.



jenshank said...

Your wishfully packing and we are wishfully waiting for ya!!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Oh she packs like me!!! THe pic of the clouds was gorgeous too!!


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