Saturday, June 2, 2012

Growing through mistakes

My oldest son made a "mistake". He did something he shouldn't have done.  It broke my heart. 
Think it broke his also. 
It is so difficult as parents sometimes, to make certain our children realize that while some mistakes are just that, others are our own will getting in the way of God's will for us.  Then there are those mistakes that while they can be forgiven, they can not be erased. This mistake was a teen mistake, but a notable one that needed to be handled swiftly and sternly. 
The enemy wants to rob us of those good things that are waiting when we are living in God's light.  
This is not always easy for children to grasp, especially when they are dealing with peer pressure.
My heart tells me to lead him to God's word, 
 Help him to know what God wants for him,
and that's what we did.
This is by far the most difficult and most rewarding role I will ever have, being a Mom.
I know that my kiddos will mess up, I mess up, it is a part of growing.  It will in part shape them into who they will become. 
 We forgive each other and let it go.  There have been lots of long talks around here lately. Many nights with my son, sharing stories of my youth and past mistakes.
 Lots of laughter and questions.
And we learn to trust again, trust that they don't continue to
make the same mistake,
over and over.
And we lean on God, to give us strength and guidance as we guide these children, these Wishes,
that we have been entrusted with.

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