Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer crushin'

    We kicked off yesterday with a big, happy hello to summertime and summer fun.  We had our end of  year teacher get together today out by the lake and it was lovely.  There was yummy food, good conversation, singing, reflecting on the past school year, and rides on the pontoon boat.

 The Lilley's are nicest people you would ever want to know...come out and visit!

 Coach G. played his guitar for us... while we sang along to home on the range. Yes, we teachers are silly
 The kiddos had a blast in the pool
 And everyone loved getting a ride on the boat...
 I loved seeing this reminder today as I sat by the water and thought about my summer..."slow...No wake" Sounds like a nice summer plan, I want it to go SLOWWWWW

The gang on the pontoon

    Not a bad way to kick off summer break huh?  There is lots I have on my summer to do list... more swimming, playing in the park, cook outs and No early bed times. Visits to see Grandparents and cousins, kiddos playing until after dark. Pedicure's with my Mom and Sis. Sipping on lemon aid and watching lightning bugs at dusk.  I love summer, I love watching my kiddos play, and I especially love that they are not stressing over school and homework.  I love that summertime means my kids really get to be just

     4 wheelers, Hopscotch, shooting, blowing bubbles, jumping rope, tee-pee making, camping out, arts and crafts, watching Grandma sew, riding scooters, skateboards and the smell of chlorine from the pool. Loads of picture taking, I am crushing hard!!!  I am especially soaking this one up because my oldest, Ethan is a freshman now. He is already thinking about summer jobs, and all I want him to do is to slow down and not be in a rush to grow up.  He has his entire life to work, to have those kinds of responsibilities. It all happens so fast.

    With summer comes sports camps, play dates, auditions and Mama as taxi driver, a role I do not mind at all.  Summer, I just have one more thing to say....Bring it, we are Soooo ready! Here's hoping you lovelies have wonderful summer also!!

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