Friday, May 31, 2013

Well hello there

If we were having tea
I would tell you what is on my heart.
That it is so heavy some days,
 longing for time to move just a little slower 
and for a chance to breathe in
these days that are moving far to quickly.
That the sheer thought of Ethan being a Sophomore next year
moves me to tears with both excitement and angst.
Watching the news lately just brings me to tears,
with lives lost or at best
changed forever with he recent
turbulent weather.

Over tea,
I would ask about you...
what is on your heart lovely.
What is weighing you down this week
 and what
is making you smile?

I would share with you that while disappointed
a great deal lately,
that there isn't a day that goes by that
I don't stop and thank God for everything he has blessed me with.
That the good out weighs the bad.

I would share that seeing my children grow, pray,
and make choices
has to be some of the most rewarding
moments of life.

I would ask about your plans for summer
Your goals,
Your dreams,
Your wishes.
I would ask that you come again soon
and would hope that
 you enjoyed spending time here
once again.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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