Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I wore...

I was so comfy today running errands with two lovely ladies!
 I love boots in the fall and winter,
Well, actually I love boots anytime...
and lately I can't get enough of leggings.
I used to wear them when I was younger (pre children) and I am so glad
we have been reunited.
I haven't done a what I wore post in a long time,
so I thought it would be fun to do today.

Boots: Wet Seal (last year), Leggings: Walmart (I love that they are a nice, thick fabric)
 Sweater: Kensie (thrifted), Hat: Target, Belt: thrifted
(Sorry for the photo quality today, was rushing
with my phone).
I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday.  I hear a lot of you are getting snow,
we are supposed to get just a bit in Missouri
tomorrow morning...I guess we will see if it actually happens.
Be Blessed,


Hanna said...

Love this outfit. You blog is lovely too. I am you newest follower:) Happy holidays to you!!!

xoxxo Hanna

Rachel said...

Those boots are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

nice blog realy nice


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