Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making sense of the unexpected

I just saw them on Saturday.
My lovely friend, her wonderful hubby and their kiddos.
I had their daughter in my class last year.
A cutie with red hair and freckles,
smart as a whip,
big heart.
If you read my blog you know that last year
we had a tornado here in Branson.
My lovely friend lost her home.
Our little Christian school
went and helped them with the clean up effort.
I was so proud of my little
5th grade class.
They just wanted to help so badly.
Then I got a text today...
That sweet, Godly man died today.
I just saw them on Saturday.
My heart is struggling to find some sort of
sense, reason, peace.
My heart is hurting for my friend.
He was my age.
I am lost for words.
I am holding my kiddos close,
wishing more then ever Nathan wasn't away.
You can not take one second for granted,
each minute is a gift.
Each minute is a gift!!
May I just ask that you pray for this lovely family...
I don't want to share their names,
God will hear your heart and know.
He knows.
God Bless.

1 comment:

jenshank said...

Praying for them and you all!!


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