Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday 10... Accessories

 Today I am co-hosting Tuesday 10 with Lena from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby  and am so excited!!!  Each Tuesday she hosts this fun linky party.
                 Lovelies, it is all about accessories today.
I love accessories....Bracelets, necklaces. scarves and rings are among my faves, however now that my hair is all chopped off, earrings will be on the list too!

 I don't wear a watch every day, but I love them. I have a pink one like this too that I adore.
 I can not live without scarves, big ones, little ones...I have the biggest crush on them
I am rarely without my faith pin.  I wear it on my denim jacket, even on t-shirts...This was a gift from my sis Jen. She knows me so well.
 I would wear pearls with everything. I wrap them around by wrist and wear as a bracelet too.
 This cuff, my sister Jen had made for me for my birthday and I wear it all the time...it is so precious
 I received this beautiful goody from one of my sweet students. It is so lovely. It doubles as both a pin and a choker. I want one in every color now.  Her mom owns a shop here in Branson called  The Secret Garden, she has amazing stuff. If you come to Branson, you must check it out.
 The Cross I received from Nate's (my) Mom a few Christmas's ago...It has the Bible verse Psalm 42:8 on the inside...I love it!!!  The 3 & 5 necklace I made using these industrial (jewelery) numbers from Michaels  and the camera with the little clock was a gift from a dear friend, Nana Hughes, she knows my passion for photography.
I wear bracelets every day, several actually. I can not get enough...I need help
Before I cut my hair off, I wore it up all the time, now that it is short, it is fun to wear little clips to hold back by bangs. I love flowers in my hair but sometimes I think I look silly
 I just received this from my friend Robin. It is so special because she made it herself for me. I won't be taking it off....ever. Isn't it the best?!
I love rings, the more...the better.  
 I am not good about wearing earrings everyday. Like I said now that my hair is short, it may be a different story.
I know I have listed more than 10 but what can I say...I am an accessories junkie. I have a problem...
I can't wait to see all the fun accessories you will be linking up!!! Spread the word and have your friends come share what little trinkets they love to wear everyday. Remember to head over to see Lena at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby, and share some blog love! Grab her button if you like!!!



cynthia said...

Love that camera necklace! Cute, cute. I am a big earring girl but I need to branch out more. You've got some cute rings and bracelets there. :) Thanks for co-hosting!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I want all your stuff!! Lol!
Great taste!
Thanks for co-hosting!

Meredith Hilton said...

i love SO MUCH of your accessories!! Ok first of all - PEARLS! always so pretty! And I love the 3 wishes stamped jewelry. So special!! :) Visiting from the Tues 10 - Mer @ http://ablessedandblissfullife.blogspot.com

Sara @ My Merry Messy Life said...

I like your vintage style! I love scarves, too. Great to connect with you through the link party! I just became your newest follower.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

So much pretty jewelry!!! Love it!


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