Monday, May 14, 2012

A weekend to remember

Today I am linking up with Bits of Splendor for Laura's, Bits of Splendor Monday.

We have had some busy weekends as of late. I am not complaining, as long as I can be with my favorite peeps, I am a happy girl. Mother's day weekend was lovely. Happy Mother's day wishes were sweet spoken and a lovely card with heart felt messages from my little family tucked inside.  A beautiful pillow with the number 3 on it, a homemade ballet bar and lots of hugs...I am one happy Mama. 
  Saturday Madi and I hung out together and I got all my hair chopped off...courtesy of my dear friend Robin who gave me a gift certificate to my favorite salon, Pure. Pics coming soon. The boys went 4 wheeling and caving on Saturday.  Sunday we went to Silver dollar City with some sweet friends and had an amazing day. 
I wanted time to stand still this weekend. I can't believe each day how big my kiddos are getting and how blessed I am to be their Mom. I am so happy that through this little space on the Internet I get to share with you all about my little family and our lives together.  I sure hope you enjoy being here.
Cameron, Ethan, Madison and her Dad, Darren on Wildfire
Neat gift idea for my niece and nephew

 Madison and Ethan trying BBQ sauces...Ethan didn't like that one.
 Madison's parents (Marietta and Darren) with E, Madison and my Madison...Cameron is leading the way.
Marietta and Madi
The famous Barn swing...Cameron, Nate, Madison and Ethan
Madi and Nathan
Electric spin...My kiddos love this ride, me not so much. ha ha
Powder Keg...ugh. They are brave!!! I only took my cell phone with me to the park so the photos aren't great but I was happy to travel light yesterday. What a fun day at Silver Dollar City with my hubby, our kiddos and family friends. Hope you lovely Mama's had a fantastic day also.

God is so good to us. He knows just what we need.  I am so grateful for the time I had with my Mom before the Lord took her.  this weekend when I thought of her, I smiled, knowing that she is always with me...she lives in my heart now.

bits of splendor monday

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Tesha said...

I ma glad you had a blessed Day! You are so loved by your sweet family :)


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